Commercial Drone Industry – How to get started!

If you’re considering starting up your own commercial drone business, there are lots to think about. Many of the most fun and obvious tasks – like thinking up a funky name, drawing up an eye-catching logo and networking to build a customer base – are common sense. But what about the other key tasks that you may not know you need to do?

Sort out the relevant certifications and licenses

You’ll usually need the right permission from the government to fly a drone for commercial purposes. While the EU and other countries are still deciding on how this will work, the USA already has procedures in place.

What about your business structure? 

One thing that any drone company CEO will tell you is that this is also a key factor to consider. As above, a lot will depend on which country you operate in and the various options open to you. It’s best to get some professional advice on this if you’re unsure to make the right decision for you personally.

If we take the UK again as an example, you could opt to be classed as a Sole Trader. This is the simplest option in terms of any paperwork to fill in or licenses to apply for but does mean you are personally liable for any business debts.

The other major route that many drone businesses go down is to form a limited company or corporation. This shields you from being personally liable for any business debts but does involve extra paperwork and fees.


Get your business registered

The next step for any new commercial drone company is to register it officially. This is usually a pretty simple process that can be done cheaply online. In the UK, it’s best to check out the website for more information!

Know your stuff!

Another great tip for any new commercial drone CEO is to know about the law and compliance in your area. If you break any laws or fail to comply with certain legal standards, ignorance is not a defence. Be aware that regulations can exist on a local and national level, so make sure to check it all out before you fly anywhere!

Sort out the right insurance 

Don’t forget to take out the correct insurance cover for your fleet of drones. If you don’t have any in place, or you don’t have enough cover, the risk to your new venture is massive. When it comes to commercial drone businesses, you will need commercial insurance to protect the UAVs and liability insurance to cover against damages caused to other people or their property.

Get your drone business going today

When setting up a commercial drone business, the above basics will help you get started. Once they’re in place, you then just have the hard part of marketing your services and building up a loyal customer base. With a little hard work and some proper planning, though, this is perfectly achievable.


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