Maritime Anti-Drone System

The world's first marinised CUAS system

Safeguard your skies with a purpose-built drone detection and defeat system.

Advance your security measures today to deal with the drone threats of tomorrow.

The Threat From Above

Are you waking up to the growing threat that drones pose to the privacy, safety and security on-board your yachts? Recent years have seen a massive advance in drone endurance, range and payload capacity whilst the price has also plummeted, leading to a proliferation of drones expected to reach 22 million by 2020.

To combat these emerging drone threats Martek Marine have developed the M.A.D.S™ maritime anti-drone system. M.A.D.S™ detects and identifies commercial drones within a 5+km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone & pilot together with the drone’s speed & heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the threat level to be assessed in good time to decide on appropriate defense actions.

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Once a real drone threat has been established, the system enables a 500m+ electronic ‘exclusion zone’ to be created around the yacht. Should the drone approach this exclusion zone, its control/video signal will be blocked, initiating its fail-safe mode forcing it to land or return to its operator.

Drone Threats

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Zoom lens video surveillance
  • Covert listening technology
  • Airborne attack
  • Remote aerial hacking

Detect & Defeat

Detect & Identify

  • Detect and identify threats with 5km
  • Identify exact location of operator
  • Monitor GPS position and flight path
  • Modular system allowing easy add-ons
  • View historical drone detection data
  • Specialist superyacht design

Disrupt & Mitigate

  • M.A.D.S™ drone disruptor
  • Fixed and portable M.A.D.S™ drone jammers available
  • Selectable momentary disruption duration from 5s
  • Disrupts control signals between drone and operator
  • Selectable operation frequency bands
  • Long-range disruption ability
  • Commands drone to land or return to sender

Why M.A.D.S?

M.A.D.S™ is unique in its design, functionality and application. It is capable of detecting all drones within a 5km range while providing you with accurate GPS positioning of both drone and pilot and the option to defeat a drone should it be deemed a threat. M.A.D.STM is a flexible marinised system with great benefits for the maritime market and can be used for any application related to water; yachts, ships, ports, sea platforms, coastguard vessels, navy vessels and much more. With a standard solution for both the detection and the defeat of drones this system can be expanded with other modular sensors if needed. The threat from above is real and needs to be dealt with accordingly; M.A.D.S™ will prove this and more.

– Paul Luen, CEO of Martek Group


World's first marinised CUAS system

Drone detection and defeat system

20 years maritime experience & expertise