Infrastructure Inspection

Eradicate Safety Risks for Your Workers with UAS Infrastructure Inspections

Discover the go-to technology for difficult to inspect areas

Experts in UAS Infrastructure Inspections

Want to save time and money? UAS make aerial surveys more accessible, affordable and easier to perform, enabling critical infrastructure inspections to be carried out in a matter of minutes. UAS platforms can be deployed to cover areas which are difficult or dangerous for surveying personnel to access, making them infinitely suitable for more challenging marine and offshore applications.

UAS Inspections don’t just improve results and cut the time and costs associated with critical survey they also lower safety risks for your workers

Martek Aviation offer unrivalled experience in commercial drone surveys for wind turbines, oil & gas, tanks and other difficult to access locations.

Wind Turbine Drone Surveys

We’re revolutionising the way wind turbine inspections are carried out using specialised UAS drone technology. Gone are the days of risking staff safety or using inefficient inspection techniques that don’t deliver complete blade coverage and data.

We’re committed to delivering minimum blade downtime to maximise your production, made possible by the development of custom UAS technology and data collection methods.

Read our Case Study to find out how Statoil’s Offshore Wind Farm benefitted from regular UAS Inspections.

Pipeline Surveys

Drone surveys are ideal for monitoring the condition of above ground pipelines. Unmanned Aerial Systems can collect detailed data to remotely identify corrosion, leaks or the sabotage of networks in a single pass.

We use the latest UAS Systems & Sensors to help you remotely assess the structural integrity of your operation.

Protect your assets and streamline maintenance needs across your pipeline network quickly and easily with UAS inspections.

Read the guidance notes for inspection using unmanned aircraft systems 



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