Emissions Monitoring

Emissions Monitoring

New legislation requires ships to burn low sulphur fuel when operating in your emission control areas (ECAs).

Our RPAS systems, or UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are equipped with gas analysers which means that we can help you to consistently monitor these emissions at any point.

Remotely monitor emissions when the vessel isn’t expecting it. We’re the only maritime company with combined expertise in emissions monitoring and RPAS/UAS.

Our unique long-range VTOL RPAS service enables instant detection of ships breaching sulphur regulations at sea, to an accuracy level required for prosecution. The service provides you with enhanced intelligence whilst also creating the ultimate deterrent to shipowners tempted to breach the ECA rules.

Read more about the 2020 global sulphur limit


Up to 100km ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) at sea

S02 & C02

Military grade unmanned helicopters integrated analyser

6 hours

UAS flight time


Maritime hours

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