Drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) to give them their official title) have already made a big splash within certain sectors of society. This has been mainly with tech-savvy consumers in recent years along with the defence industry. However, drones are becoming increasingly common throughout other sections of society for the way they can handle tough, time-consuming and dangerous jobs. The drone sector is forecasted to reach $127 billion and many organisations are starting to realise how valuable drones will be to their services.

Here are just a few ways that drone technology is being implemented commercially:

Drones and Insurance Surveying

In the past, any employee of an insurance company who needed to assess a property thoroughly for insurance purposes would have to climb up structures to get the necessary information manually. Drones take the need for this away and allow them to collect the data they need in a much safer, quicker way. The latest high-tech drone technology uses high-resolution cameras to record or send back super-clear images to the user.

Drone doing mountain side surveillance & surveying

Drones and Urban Planning

As our towns and cities continue to grow, there is a need to plan properly to accommodate this. Modern UAV tech allows for town planners to get a bird’s eye view of the current set-up and also see where there is space to expand into. The unique view of a drone means they can get a real understanding of the traffic flow and busy spots within a town or city. It really does mean that any guesswork is taken out of the equation and any decisions are made on factual data collected by the drone.

Drones and Aircraft Inspection

One commercial industry that really could benefit from greater use of drone technology is the aerospace sector. Modern jet planes require an inspection from the airline before each flight to spot any problems before take-off. This is normally done manually which is slow, open to human error and can be difficult. Drones are being used to improve this process and allow the aircraft inspectors to complete a thorough inspection of the aircraft in a safer, more efficient manner.

Drones and Outdoor Industry

One area that drones are starting to make a bigger impact is in the outdoor and extreme sports sector. In the right conditions, drones can fly up mountains and map the whole of one side in a few hours. This allows a 3D model to be rendered to help you plan a route to climb it for real. This can revolutionise Search and Rescue planning and any sort of outdoor activity where prior knowledge of the route is required.

Drone Technology Will Continue To Change Society 

The above are just a few examples of the impact drone tech is having in the commercial sector. There are many more ways drones can help from defence to emergency rescues, waste management and within the energy sector. Of course, it’s not just business that drones will have an impact on. Drones will be used by people to have fun with or for leisure purposes as the technology grows. However you may need to use a UAV, they will become more common in society for the superb advantages they deliver.

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