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Martek Aviation – Specialist UAS Services for the Maritime Sector

We understand the challenges of operating an offshore operation, in fact, our sister company, Martek Marine have been helping to improve crew welfare and ship safety for three decades. Martek Aviation takes this commitment one step further.

Martek Aviation

Martek Aviation specialises in manned and unmanned aerial system, or UAS services which can help to streamline and automate your marine and offshore inspections. A first-of-its-kind business, Martek Aviation combines decades of experience in the marine sector with a range of unique UAS services to improve safety and overall business efficiency of marine operations.

Maritime RPAS Pioneers

Martek Aviation’s expertise spans decades across both the aviation and marine sector, with experts in both ship safety & performance and pilots who have experience operating and maintaining over 60 different types of manned and unmanned aircraft, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

Marine Specific UAS Solutions

We know that offshore operations are unique in their challenges. We’ve worked with major classification societies, flag administrations & major ship operators to develop a range of UAS Solutions to help make your marine operation safer, more productive and more compliant.

Skills & Support

Our pilots undergo rigorous training and assessment on an ongoing basis and are truly at the top of their game. With specialists from military and civilian backgrounds, you can be sure that the knowledge and skills of the Martek Aviation team will provide you with unrivalled support and enhanced operational intelligence.

UAS systems are relatively new for commercial operations yet as an early adopter, Martek Aviation have extensive experience offering UAS services across many different sectors. Our UAS experts have clocked over 40,000 flying hours, nearly 10,000 of which have been servicing maritime operations.

Drones, or UAS give you the ability to obtain an aerial view of an environment or situation, with real-time footage available within seconds of deployment. Find out how this can benefit your operation.

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Join the World Leaders in UAS Services: UAS services are growing in popularity – join the company at the head of the curve.